Have you been accused of domestic violence?

There are serious and far reaching consequences in cases where violence is found to have occurred.

Apart from potentially facing criminal charges, you may be at serious risk of having contact with your children restricted, supervised or perhaps even stopped altogether for a period or even indefinitely. The Courts are required to ensure that all children are protected from all forms of violence.

It is imperative you receive advice at the earliest possible time.

Call if you’re facing allegations of domestic violence.

Closeup of a young pensive psychologist’s patient

Violence includes:

  • Physical abuse – behaviours like punching, slapping or kicking a person.
  • Sexual abuse – any unwanted sexual contact/touching.
  • Psychological abuse – for example stalking a person, damaging property, threatening violence or abuse, harassing, scaring, or intimidating a person. It can include trying to control someone’s life by constantly humiliating them or controlling someone’s money, time, car or contact with friends and family as a way of having power over them. If a person allows any children to witness domestic violence this is psychological abuse against the children.