Thanks for visiting my site. Here’s a little information about me.

I started practising in the field of family law after a career in accounting, followed by a period specialising in taxation law.

I’m experienced across a wide range of family law issues such as relocation, domestic violence, parenting disputes, contact for dads, child support, disputes over property division and entitlements, promises made to family members but not recorded in writing prior to death.

I practise exclusively in the field of family law because I see the value in minimising damage that can be caused to relationships as a result of separation, disagreements between parents, a person taking steps to protect a child or disputes over the will or property of a family member who has died.

I’ve seen the effect that “Fighting it out in Court” can have, and I prefer to be instrumental in providing, where possible, an alternative to the usual confrontational approach. That’s why I’ve completed additional training as a Collaborative Law practitioner.

It’s essential that couples have the opportunity to part with dignity. The last thing separating couples or families in dispute need is to spend their resources “Fighting it out in Court”.

Having said this, there will of course be times when there are emergencies that require urgent court intervention or become necessary for other reasons. Court intervention sometimes can’t be avoided if any party takes an unreasonable approach.